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The Wollemi Valley

Our water is sourced from the perimeter of the World Heritage listed Wollemi National Park, near the Blue Mountains West of Sydney and is one of only 14 Australian national parks with the prestigious honour of being regarded as ecologically significant to the world.


The area really made world headlines in 1994 with the accidental discovery of a grove of trees never seen before, and now named Wollemi Pine Trees. These trees grow on moist ledges deep in the rainforest gorge in the pristine virgin forest. So rare are the trees that their exact location remains secret to all but a few select researchers. Some are thought to be several thousand years old.


The Wollemi National Park is vital to ensure the ongoing quality of many tributary rivers flowing into the mighty Hawkesbury and the Goulburn-Hunter Rivers. Some of the amazing pristine tributaries include the Capertee and Wolgan Rivers and the Colo River which is believed to be the last unpolluted river in NSW, mainly because most of it flows through the Wollemi National Park.


Wollemi Valley Springs is sourced from below the ground on the edge of this pristine area of world significance.

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