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Wollemi Valley Springs
Our Water

Our water is sourced from a spring water source located within a steep sandstone valley on the southern western boundary of the Wollemi National Park.


The water originates in the catchment above the spring and filters through the natural landscape and sandstone geology found within the National Park.


The water is of the highest quality and is known for its pure and natural flavour. When compared to municipal supply or filtered tap water,  the “sweetness” of the spring water is simply unbeatable.

Beloka Water
Beloka Water

Our Beloka Mineral Water is sourced from the Australian Alpine region and is the result of another accidental but lucky discovery, when Joe Commisso, sunk a bore to fill his dams, with the intention of planting olive groves. the water that came out was the pure, delicious mineral water, which is now in demand worldwide. 


Beloka cares deeply for the environment and has chosen to use partly recycled glass bottles instead of plastic for its packaging.

Beloka Water
Hawkesbury Fine Foods - Local & Seasonal Produce 

Hawkesbury Fine Foods sources and deliver's local and fresh produce to the door. Our Current range includes Seasonal Vegetable Boxes, Fruit boxes and freshly roasted coffee.

We offer produce direct from the grower's and producers direct to your door so you only get the finest and freshest products. By supporting our local producers they are get a better return on their hard efforts to produce the best quality products.   

Beloka Water
Wild Hibiscus Flowers In Syrup

One of the most unique and special food products on the market. Beautiful, delicious and versatile edible hibiscus flowers.  These are decorative, edible, delicious and stunning to spruce up sparkling water or even some bubbly. With a long shelf life, keep a jar handy in your pantry. 

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